Christmas Poetry Magazine 2023 12th Edition

Published on 23 December 2023 at 18:13

Christmas Poetry Magazine features poets composing Christmas and Holiday poetry. Christmas Poetry Magazine is the last 2023 Edition of CreatiVIngenuitiy Magazine.

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Maftuna Yusupbayeva
7 months ago

My dear, spring that does not understand your love,
The sun is reddened by your love.
Stroking and caressing your waking faces.
Lunch in a hurry behind the window.

Maybe you don't know, take heart
The flames of my love are burning.
Know that I miss your eyes at night,
The sun is shy and drunk.

I still remember your first look
The imagination watches with a gentle smile.
I suddenly plunged into the depth of your eyes
I don't want to feed without care.

One word in the net of your heart,
Ask for nests to reveal.
Hearty laughs, a magical moment.
Pray that your love will connect with mine.

Mowing the grass, walking and mowing,
They are ready to kiss each other's heels
I am angry with you in my mind,
The gift of longing is small in packaging.

If you walk, I will put my foot in your footsteps,
Be a follower of your mind.
A smile on your face, confidence in your heart,
Be honest and remember happiness.

The worries of the world are too great,
Your eyes are full of love.
Believe me, I'll make you happy, it's beautiful
Our love is on the threshold of heaven!

© Maftuna Yusuf