Women's Inspiring Literature Magazine 2023

Published on 22 November 2023 at 14:44

Women's Inspiring Literature Magazine features inspirational women writers of 2023.

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Terane Turan Rahimli
6 months ago

Thank you so much, my dear sister and great writer, Tamikio L. Dowley, for including my poems in this wonderful magazine. You have given me a great honor, I am grateful. I congratulate all women writers whose works are published in the magazine and wish them success.

Mirela Leka Xhava
6 months ago

Thank you very much, my dear esteemed friend Tamikio L. Dowley, for including my poem in this magnificent international magazine. Gratitude! and respect! I also congratulate all participating authors. Success!

Alma Delić Halar
6 months ago